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#80: Super Mario All Stars

Iain wrote this one.


January 1994 – Super Mario All Stars

Our roadmap for AAA is very lightly sketched, but you can see two of our overarching, contradictory themes in entry #1 and entry #0. We grew up playing Dizzy; we’re trying to reclaim video game history as we and many other Brits lived it, to demonstrate how the American-led received wisdom is a rewriting of the record that doesn’t tally with majority experiences here. Yet at the same time as disputing a story that Nintendo swept in to replace a dying industry – neither happened here – you’ll have noticed our enthusiasm for many things Nintendo and accompanying sentiment. I have a NES Classic Mini, SNES Classic Mini and a Famicom Classic Mini sitting under my TV: loving recreations of consoles which I never owned.

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#73: Starwing


June 1993 – Starwing

Developed by Nintendo in conjunction with British company Argonaut Software, who impressed with their 1986 Amiga release Starglider, and released in Japan and the US as Star Fox, the title was changed to Starwing for European audiences due, apparently, to concerns that there might be confusion with something called StarVox and not, as one might assume, anything related to either the 1987 Spectrum/C64 release Starfox or the 1983 Atari 2600 release Star Fox (ranked 7th in a list of the worst Atari 2600 games!). Though Starwing, as a name for a space-based shooter, seems about as frightfully generic as one could get, a cursory google suggests that, by contrast, it stands in conflict with no other games, or anything else save for a “boutique management agency specializing in sports and entertainment” founded in 2011. It does, however, skirt somewhat close to being the same name as Star Wars: X-Wing, a game to which comparisons in this post were already essentially mandatory. Read the rest of this entry »

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#67: Street Fighter II


December 1992 – Street Fighter II

Something we’ve talked about before in this project is the way that, at roughly the date we chose as our starting point, video games moved from being played in arcades to being played at home; moved from a public experience to a private one. But like so many things, this change didn’t happen instantaneously. The arcades didn’t die overnight. In fact, some of them are still around even now. And so we come to Street Fighter II, a game that, more than any other we’ve covered so far, feels like it belongs to the arcades.

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#64: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


September 1992 – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Lately I have been getting really into the trading card game Magic the Gathering. Well, no, that sentence, while true, really doesn’t capture the extent to which Magic has taken up residence in my brain. Lately I have become completely obsessed with the trading card game Magic the Gathering. Not just playing it, though there has been plenty of that, but reading articles, watching videos, devouring any and all Magic-related content I can get my hands on. This is, of course, far from the first time some piece of pop culture has embedded itself in my subconscious, and all evidence suggests that it won’t be the last, that in time I will move onto something new, something different. But right now, this is where my head is at. Read the rest of this entry »

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#61: F-Zero


June 1992 – F-Zero

So, the creeping horror that we observed with mounting dread last week really has risen. We failed to prevent it, and this is the world we live in now. How did this happen? Wasn’t this supposed to be the future? Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars and teleporters and shit? Where did it all go so wrong?

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#59: Super Mario World


April 1992 – Super Mario World

What’s in a name? It could just as well have been titled Super Mario Bros. 4 (and indeed, in the original Japanese release, it was subtitled as such). But, somewhere along the way a decision was made that a new console meant a new naming scheme, a fresh start. It’s a decision that will be made many, many times over by various companies down the years; perhaps there is a fear that a large number at the end of the title might be seen as a barrier to entry for newcomers, or as an indication of a lack of creativity. Perhaps the shadow cast by Mario at this time was so huge that everyone just followed this decision in the hope of catching some lightning in a bottle, and then it just became the done thing. Whatever the reason, you don’t tend to to see game number suffixes reaching higher than about 5 (obvious exceptions aside). Many series graduating from the NES to the SNES went with tacking on the word “super” to the start of their titles and calling it a day, but that wasn’t really an option for Super Mario Bros., and so instead we have Super Mario World. Read the rest of this entry »

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