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#48: Turrican II: The Final Fight


May 1991 – Turrican II: The Final Fight

The first thing to note about Turrican II: The Final Fight is that it is not, in fact, the final fight. There would be further sequels to Turrican after this, though we won’t be covering them here. (Boy, imagine putting the word ‘final’ in the title of your game, and then later having to go back on that word when you released a follow-up. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? I hope somebody got fired for that blunder.) More than that, one doesn’t get any sense from Turrican II that anyone involved in its creation expected it to be the final fight. Turrican received a sequel because it was a successful game, and assuming that sequel was successful (and it was), further installments would be sure to follow. Read the rest of this entry »

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#36: Turrican


May 1990 – Turrican

Iain wrote this one, and the following two, which will be going up weekly, because he is a lot better at meeting deadlines than I am. 

Last time we encountered Manfred Trenz and Chris Hülsbeck, it was with The Great Giana Sisters, a game whose debt to Super Mario Bros. was implicit in its title and only got more obvious from there. Legal consequences obvious. A few Manfred Trenz games later, had he learned his lesson and stayed away from Nintendo properties? Well, Turrican is a sci-fi shooter-platformer that sees you explore a vast, desolate alien world, playing as a person enclosed within a metal suit, equipped with an array of weaponry and the ability to transform into a small, round, extra-mobile form. There’s no helmet-removing reveal of Turrican as a woman, but one wouldn’t completely come as a shock. Read the rest of this entry »

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