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#54: Spellbound Dizzy


November 1991 – Spellbound Dizzy

“It’s the biggest Dizzy game yet!” That’s how Spellbound Dizzy was advertised and sold. It’s not an inaccurate statement – the world of Spellbound Dizzy does indeed contain more screens to explore than any previous game in the series. What’s not addressed or acknowledged in that statement, though, is the question of whether there is anything of worth to be discovered in that exploration. Read the rest of this entry »

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#29: Fantasy World Dizzy


October 1989 – Fantasy World Dizzy

Fantasy World Dizzy seems to be widely regarded as the pinnacle of the Dizzy series, at least within the narrow niche where ‘the pinnacle of the Dizzy series’ is a concept with any meaning at all. This is clearly wrong – the following game, Magicland Dizzy, is superior in just about every way – but taken in context of the rest of the series, it’s easy to see why it has this reputation. Because, in gameplay terms, while Magicland does sand off a few more of the rough edges, its improvements are nothing compared to the giant leap forward that Fantasy World takes from Treasure Island. Read the rest of this entry »


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#15: Treasure Island Dizzy

Treasure Island Dizzy

August 1988: Treasure Island Dizzy

Unlike the original, Treasure Island Dizzy is a game that I actually did play when I was younger, the first of many Dizzy sequels that found their way into my collection. (Or, perhaps more accurately, my parents’ collection, and not just in the sense that they were obviously the ones actually paying for it.) Not that I was aware at the time that it was the first – only the final entry in the series, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, stands out as one where I can recall a time without it. The rest were simply the Dizzy games that had always been there. I didn’t have a conception that the series had developed over time, that Treasure Island was an early entry in the series displaying some growing pains. So while Crystal Kingdom was the new one, Treasure Island was not the old one. No, Treasure Island was the hard one. Read the rest of this entry »

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#1: Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

June 1987: Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

In 1985, or so I’m told, Nintendo saved video games. Until the great hero NES strode into toy shops in a Trojan robot and changed everything, most people had dismissed video games as a passing fad. The bloated fool Atari had brought video games to the brink of destruction, and the massive success that Nintendo achieved in the wake of this was nothing short of a miracle. That’s the story I hear all over the Internet.

But this is not my story. It is an imported history that bears little to no resemblance to anything that actually happened in this country, albeit one that is hard to escape. It’s rarely acknowledged that the Great Video Game Crash of 1983 was a purely American phenomenon, because, Japan aside, it’s rarely acknowledged in gaming circles that any part of the world outside of America exists. Here in the UK, the video game industry didn’t crash in the early 80s, because console video games had never really taken off in the first place, or at least, not to the extent that home computer games had. When I was a child, they were always “computer games”, not “video games”, and for much of my parents’ generation and older, they probably always will be. And I didn’t play them on a NES. I played them on a Commodore 64. Read the rest of this entry »


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