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#62: Ecco the Dolphin


July 1992 – Ecco the Dolphin

The Mega Drive’s major Japanese mascot character was of course, Sonic the Hedgehog, a bright blue, vaguely humanoid figure with exceptional speed and radical attitude. He bears little resemblance to an actual real-life hedgehog besides some slightly spiky hair. The major mascot character for the system to come out of America, meanwhile, was Ecco the Dolphin, a blue-grey bottlenose dolphin-shaped bottlenose dolphin. He doesn’t have any incredible powers. He’s just an ordinary dolphin.

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#61: F-Zero


June 1992 – F-Zero

So, the creeping horror that we observed with mounting dread last week really has risen. We failed to prevent it, and this is the world we live in now. How did this happen? Wasn’t this supposed to be the future? Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars and teleporters and shit? Where did it all go so wrong?

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#60: Alone in the Dark

Iain wrote this one.


May 1992 – Alone in the Dark

What happens after you die? It’s an age old question that it’s difficult to get a proven answer to. If there is a consciousness that hangs around and can have some influence, it appears reduced to messing with Ouija boards and stuff and not convincing many. If faith leads to other answers, it’s well, faith. If consciousness stays on, uninvolved, as a skyclad observer before taking up life again, any knowledge transfer between the two is one way at best — if life is but one experience among more, it’s an utterly immersive one. Even what happens to the physical form seems likely to escape you post-death. Alone in the Dark answers that one for the character you play, at least. After he or she dies, their body gets dragged by monsters to some kind of altar below its haunted house and, though the process is a little fuzzy, eldritch horrors are unleashed as a result. It’s nice to know.

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#59: Super Mario World


April 1992 – Super Mario World

What’s in a name? It could just as well have been titled Super Mario Bros. 4 (and indeed, in the original Japanese release, it was subtitled as such). But, somewhere along the way a decision was made that a new console meant a new naming scheme, a fresh start. It’s a decision that will be made many, many times over by various companies down the years; perhaps there is a fear that a large number at the end of the title might be seen as a barrier to entry for newcomers, or as an indication of a lack of creativity. Perhaps the shadow cast by Mario at this time was so huge that everyone just followed this decision in the hope of catching some lightning in a bottle, and then it just became the done thing. Whatever the reason, you don’t tend to to see game number suffixes reaching higher than about 5 (obvious exceptions aside). Many series graduating from the NES to the SNES went with tacking on the word “super” to the start of their titles and calling it a day, but that wasn’t really an option for Super Mario Bros., and so instead we have Super Mario World. Read the rest of this entry »

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