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#47: Dr. Mario

Iain wrote this one.


April 1991 – Dr. Mario

AAA is a blog about video games, but it’s also a blog about successful video games, and sometimes it’s worth examining the success side specifically. Dr. Mario isn’t the first time Nintendo used Mario outside of main series platform games, but it’s a particularly substantial occurrence. It was followed in the next two years by the first Mario Golf and Mario Kart titles. After that, the deluge. Read the rest of this entry »

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#46: Snake Rattle N Roll


March 1991 – Snake Rattle N Roll

Snake Rattle N Roll is an isometric platform game in which you and, if you like, a friend play as a pair of snakes named Rattle and Roll, and run (or, I guess, slither) around eating colourful balls known as ‘Nibbley-Pibbleys’ in order to grow big and strong. This mechanic is immediately reminiscent of a rather better known game involving snakes that grow as they eat; we’re still a few years away from Snake for Nokia phones becoming the first big hit in the exciting world of mobile gaming, but versions of the game had existed for well over a decade by this point. There is just no way that this is a coincidence.

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#45: Lemmings


February 1991 – Lemmings

Have you ever wondered what your role in life is? Ever wondered which strictly defined category you fit into? Ever wanted to deny the existence of your capacity for independent thought? Well, today is your lucky day! Just answer this handy quiz, and we will tell you exactly who you are!

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