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#34: North & South


March 1990 – North & South

WAR! (HUH!) What is it good for? Inspiring mediocre board games! And occasionally some good ones, I guess. But North & South (a French game based on a Belgian comic called Les Tuniques Blues set in the American Civil War) certainly has more of the former in its DNA than the latter. Essentially, it plays out like a crummy Risk clone, except that instead of rolling dice to decide the victor in a given conflict, you play a minigame (assuming you haven’t turned on the option that removes all minigames and renders the game utterly devoid of all purpose).

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#33: Tetris


February 1990 – Tetris

Paul McCartney, so the story goes, woke up with the tune to “Yesterday” in his head, fully formed, and had to be told that it wasn’t anyone else’s song that he’d heard somewhere before, and was in fact, a wholly original creation. It’s as if, in writing the song, McCartney wasn’t performing an act of creation so much as giving form to something that already existed, something that necessarily must exist. One wonders if Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov ever felt something akin to this during the creation process of the game.

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