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#29: Fantasy World Dizzy


October 1989 – Fantasy World Dizzy

Fantasy World Dizzy seems to be widely regarded as the pinnacle of the Dizzy series, at least within the narrow niche where ‘the pinnacle of the Dizzy series’ is a concept with any meaning at all. This is clearly wrong – the following game, Magicland Dizzy, is superior in just about every way – but taken in context of the rest of the series, it’s easy to see why it has this reputation. Because, in gameplay terms, while Magicland does sand off a few more of the rough edges, its improvements are nothing compared to the giant leap forward that Fantasy World takes from Treasure Island. Read the rest of this entry »


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#28: Rainbow Islands

Rainbow Islands

September 1989: Rainbow Islands

“Margaret greeted her lord with peculiar tenderness on the morrow. Mature as he was, she might yet be able to help him to the building of the rainbow bridge that should connect the prose in us with the passion. Without it we are meaningless fragments, half monks, half beasts, unconnected arches that have never joined into a man. With it love is born, and alights on the highest curve, glowing against the grey, sober against the fire.” – E.M. Forster, Howards End Read the rest of this entry »

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