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#25: Populous


June 1989: Populous

Populous presents a fairly straightforward power fantasy, allowing the player to take on the role of a god ruling over a group of devoted worshipers. To a certain extent, all games are power fantasies, and this is simply taking this fact to its logical conclusion, giving you not just the power to jump really high or handle a sword or shoot bubbles out of your mouth, but something approaching absolute power. In this game, you can shape the very world itself according to your whims. Read the rest of this entry »

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#24: SimCity


May 1989: SimCity

As you may have noticed, updates have been somewhat less than weekly lately. It’s been a busy summer, which has, unfortunately, left my silly video game blog somewhat on the backburner. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on it at all; this entry, for which I have once again turned my services over to Iain, will kick off a return to weekly updates, which I can say with slightly more confidence than usual, as some of them are actually written already. 

Storytelling indie singer Courtney Barnett’s 2015 album starts with its best song, “Elevator Operator”, in which she sings about a disaffected young man who skips work and takes a lift to the top of a Melbourne skyscraper. A fellow passenger mistakenly thinks he’s planning to kill himself, and he explains to her the reality:

I come up here for perception and clarity/I like to imagine I’m playing SimCity”

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