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#23: Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2

April 1989: Super Mario Bros. 2

At the end of each level of Super Mario Bros. 2, there stands the head of a great bird. It opens its mighty jaw wide, and you step inside, to be consumed, and thusly to enter a new realm. So, hang on a minute. Does the second level take place entirely within the innards of the bird at the end of the first level? But there’s another bird at the end of that level! What the heck! So, like, the twentieth level is inside the bird at the end of the nineteenth, which is inside the bird at the end of the the eighteenth, and so on? Whoa! Just how big is that first bird?! But, anyway, I digress. To prove yourself worthy to gain access to the gullet of these birds, you must first defeat an opponent in single combat. In most, though not all cases, the gatekeeper you must face down is Birdo, who is described as follows in the game manual: “He thinks he’s a girl. He shoots eggs from his mouth.” Read the rest of this entry »


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